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The FocalPoint Compensation system is a family of products that is designed to support and extend the value of the employee compensation process. The FocalPoint Compensation System consists of a full suite of tools, from modeling your Salary and Bonus programs, to Performance Appraisal and Total Compensation Statement.

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manager's compensation tool
FocalPoint one
Our most popular product, FocalPoint One solves the problem of managing your Salary, Bonus and LTI program in one place. Intuitive and familiar, your managers will appreciate the simplicity and the HR staff will like the results!




focalpoint compensation system

planning tool
FocalPoint two
FocalPoint Two is a web-based admin console for managing your Salary compensation cycles by enabling modeling down to the individual employee and delivering extreme visibility to your organization.

planning tool
FocalPoint three
FocalPoint Three gives administrators all the tools they need to establish, maintain and administer unlimited Bonus compensation plans for every part of the organization.

FocalPoint four
FocalPoint Four is a web tool that can make quick work of the task of conducting employee reviews. Gather, score and analyze your appraisal cycles with one application.
FocalPoint five
FocalPoint Five is a Total Rewards Statement that captures all your employee compensation in one easy to understand report which complements our other applications.
compensation is our speciality our customers love us who we are
Laserbeam Software is focused on delivering the best compensation software available anywhere, at the best prices you will find. Our customers are the best source we have for constant improvement. Our product roadmap always starts with listening to the customer and finding ways to simplify our tools while expanding capabilities. And the security of your data is embedded into every aspect of our process. Read our Security Policy for a detailed review of the steps we take to insure that your data is secure at all times. We also take a different view on calculating your Return on Investment, which most companies should experience the first time you use our tools. We pride ourselves on a customer retention rate of 100%. In fact, 80% of our clients come back after the initial delivery to add one or more of our other compensation products. The rest got exactly what they needed from the start. In all cases, our customers will tell you that we have a true partnership. The compensation process is highly visible to everyone in the organization, so getting it right the first time is our only criteria for success. Our goal is to deliver exactly what you need to have a completely successful compensation cycle from the start. Our extensive background in the delivery and support of the Compensation process was born out of the experience of managing Compensation and other HR tools for one of the largest banks in the world. At the time, nearly 12 years ago, the cost of vendor products in the marketplace was horrendously expensive, complicated to deliver, use, and support. We knew we could do a better job and have never stopped working to achieve the goal of lowering the cost of delivery while achieving outstanding results. Our employees are extremely well trained, highly motivated and share our standards for getting it right the first time.